[Kolab-devel] Kolab 3.5 releases: supported operating systems

Daniel Hoffend dh at dotlan.net
Thu Nov 19 20:45:32 CET 2015

Am 2015-11-17 08:47, schrieb Timotheus Pokorra:

> * Debian 7: do you still use that? or will you be moving towards
> Debian 8 anyway?
> * Debian 8: Daniel, Torsten?

I'll try my best as soon as we go deeper into the release cycle for
testing and bug hunting. Real life things currently preventing me most
of the time from actively participating.

Sure I'll try to be on board to make it work on Debian in the past. I
still personally run on 7 due to the lack of personal time to actually
test the upgrade 7>8.

IMO I think Debian 8 will work, I don't see a reason why Debian 7 won't
work. It's not like we've incompatible php versions to deal with as
compared with Centos 6>7.

> * Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: anyone up for this?

This will be the hard part. Most packages That will work on Debian
should be working on Ubuntu as well ... but as we've seen in the past
with the zend framework patches it's not that similar as we thought it
would be.


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