[Kolab-devel] fix kolabd crashing on startup

Gelpi Andrea liste at gelpi.it
Wed Aug 13 10:46:10 CEST 2014

Il 13/11/2013 19:12, Michael ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I'm using Kolab 3.1 from:
> deb-src http://obs.kolabsys.com:82/Kolab:/3.1/Debian_7.0/ ./
> deb-src http://obs.kolabsys.com:82/Kolab:/3.1:/Updates/Debian_7.0/ ./
> Build date: 11-Nov-2013
> kolabd/kolab-server is crashing if there's no dirsrv/389 online.
> For me that's the case nearly at every system-boot because kolabd apparently 
> starts faster than 389 can initialise. 

After reading this old post I checked my kolab 3.2 installed from same
repos on debian 7.5.

I had the same problem, but I found a simpler solution.

In /etc/init.d/kolab-server I add dirsrv to Required-Start: line

# Provides: kolab-server
# Default-Start:     2 3 4 5
# Default-Stop:      0 1 6
# Required-Start: $remote_fs $local_fs $network dirsrv
. . .

After that I removed and re-added kolab-server to startup sequence with:

update-rc.d -f kolab-server remove
update-rc.d kolab-server defaults

The last 2 commands change the order in /etc/rc?.d/

Now kolab-server start after dirsrv and don't crash anymore.

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