[Kolab-devel] Various Kolab 3 issues

Mat Cantin mat at cantinbrothers.ca
Wed Feb 20 00:32:30 CET 2013

I just wanted to share some of the problems I've come across with the 
new Kolab 3 implementation. I think that overall the experience has been 
very positive, but there are a few issues that my users have come across 
that have been a real show-stopper for some. Hopefully by sharing here, 
maybe others can point me in the right direction (bug reports?, and/or 

- Accepted a calendar invite in Roundcube make the event duplicate at 
least 5 times in the phone's calendar. It looks fine in the the 
Roundcube calendar.

- Some emails will crash ActiveSync on the iPhone (iOS 6.1.1). The 
phone will try to sync the email, it gets to the problematic email, 
stalls, and then tries to sync from the beginning again. Often giving 
the "Server Error, contact administrator" error. The emails do not have 
anything out of the ordinary in them as far as I can tell.

- All calendars event have been known to disappear on iPhones (iOS 
6.1.1). I've had a couple users report this, but haven't had the chance 
to look into a reason. The calendar appears to show up perfectly fine on 
an Android phone.

- Some contacts when imported from VCF files will break ActiveSync. 
I've created a bug report here: 

- Deleting emails from an iPhone does not delete them in the Roundcube 

A final note on ActiveSync, I have yet to find any useful logs on the 
server for any of these issues, probably because I don't know where to 
look and/or don't understand what I'm looking at. :-) I have enabled the 
activesync debug in the roundcube main config, but I have not noticed 
any errors at all. I've monitored this log when the issues have been 
happening and all I see are what look like successful syncs.

Roundcube Task:
- You can only use a Tag once or twice. When trying to tag an multiple 
tasks with the same tags, they are simply not saved. This kinda defeats 
the purpose of tagging as far as I know.

Roundcube Settings:
- changing the folder view from Thread to List appears to only work on 
the Inbox. Also as soon as this option is saved, the folder view 
drop-down returns to Thread view.

I'm available to troubleshoot any of these issues further if required, 
just let me know what I can do!


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