[Kolab-devel] [issue4843] deleteIncidenceKolab deletes incidence with wrong sernum (rt#10111)

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Thu May 10 17:45:19 CEST 2012

We finally got a data loss where we have good access to the client log. The
complete debug output of the session in which it occured is saved.

The User Modified a Contact, and then wanted to delete another.

The Subject(UID) of the Contact he actually wanted to delete is: rBPyfwlWms
Another Contact was deleted instead: CTWlLp3dyH

When the contacts were loaded we have the following debug output:
kresources: Loaded contact uid=rBPyfwlWms sernum=181710873 fullName=
kresources: Loaded contact uid=CTWlLp3dyH sernum=181710915 fullName=

The lines were directly following each other and were the last contacts loaded
in this folder.

Now the Debug output of Kmail when the user tried to delete rBPyfwlWms:

kmail: KMailICalIfaceImpl::deleteIncidenceKolab(
kmail: Delete of UID 398 at index: 27 in
kmail: Emitting DCOP signal incidenceDeleted( Contact,
CTWlLp3dyH )
korgac: fromKMailDelIncidence()

- The call to deleteIncidenceKolab uses the correct sernum of rBPyfwlWms
- The next line "Delete of UID 398" is wrong! The correct UID was 397.
- The incidence Deleted signal shows that CTWlLp3dyH is deleted which had UID 398

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title: deleteIncidenceKolab deletes incidence with wrong sernum (rt#10111)

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