[Kolab-devel] How to deal with multiplied Kolab UIDs (Re: RE :Re: Z-push most common issue with duplicateUID)

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Mon Jan 9 09:46:28 CET 2012

Am Wednesday, 4. January 2012 11:45:09 schrieb Georg C. F. Greve:
> On Tuesday 03 January 2012 15.37:46 Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> > As outlined above I have seen those issues in practice with customer
> > and consider it a relevant case.
> In other words: You have seen this happen 

I have seen it happen that the "need for coordination" situation appears
and must be dealt with. My point is that it cannot conceptually be avoided.
And it cannot be resolved non-interavtive, unfortunately.

> and undermine confidence in the 
> solution although your advocated approach which is what is currently
> implemented should have prevented this.

Most technical conflicts I have seen came to be because of clients, "broken"
in this regard. At least during development of clients I could observe
a number of "interesting" cases.

> If something has failed to do what it was supposed to be doing in the 5%
> use case at great cost on usability and acceptance for the 95% use case it
> does not look like a sensible thing to insist on keeping doing what hasn't
> worked.

I agree with the general principle.
Currently I believe it does not apply here, though.
I fully agree that the number of technical conflicts and the resulting
dialogs often dominate a bad experience. My idea to solve this is to fix
the client and the dialogs.

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