[Kolab-devel] Kolab 3.0/Debian: Best way to start over?

ITSEF Admin itsef-admin at brightsight.com
Tue Dec 18 13:21:38 CET 2012

On second thoughts - shouldn't this method also contain the database drops? 
Something like:

On Monday 17 December 2012 19:10:41 Paul Klos wrote:
> Thorough:
> 1. apt-get remove --purge kolab kolab-syncroton
> 2. apt-get autoremove --purge

2a. mysql -u root -p -e "drop database kolab;"
2b. mysql -u root -p -e "drop database roundcube;"

> 3. apt-get install kolab

Or am I now overly paranoid and does "setup-kolab" deal with existing DBs in 
a "useful" way?


           Thomas Ribbrock, IT-Team brightsight

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