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Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Thu Nov 10 13:10:46 CET 2011

Am Wednesday, 9. November 2011 17:56:46 schrieb Christoph Wickert:
> Well, and if you looked at the issues you would have seen that a lot of
> issues with the client are actually feature requests, not really bugs.

That is why I believe they should be called "issues".
(As strongly argumented in the Book by Zeller http://www.whyprogramsfail.com/)

> In addition I think that we really need a stronger separation of server and
> client. Untranslated strings in Kontact e3.5 for example have nothing to do
> with Kolab, neither with the server nor with the Kolab part in Kontact.

I tend to disagree here, a defect in an official Kolab client is affecting
Kolab users, thus it is of their concern. I agree that many Free Software 
initiatives could do better here to provide a tracker from the user point of 
view, so the Kolab initiative is doing fine here.

> This bug should be at bugs.kde.org, but as e.3.5 is no longer maintained by
> KDE but rather by the Kolab community, we haven't found a better place than
> issues.kolab.org.

The people maintaining Kontact E35 are both in the KDE and in the Kolab 
initiative. So you could say that KDE (a group of people) still maintains 
Kontact E35 in the KDE infrastructure, but the main goal is to maintain it
for Kolab Customers. As explained about the Kontact reports were in 
issues.kolab.org even before Kontact E35 went into maintenance mode.
For several reasons we've tried putting the issues in bugs.kde.org for Kontact 
E5, which revealed other shortcomings.

> Long story short: There is quite a number of reports, but the actual number
> of bugs is way lower.

True. :)


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