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Christoph Wickert wickert at kolabsys.com
Wed Nov 9 17:56:46 CET 2011

On Wednesday 09 November 2011 17:14:22 Thomas Koch wrote:
> Christoph Wickert:
> > If you read the instructions how to use the issue tracker you will see
> > that
> If you read my mail, you will see that I just referred to open issues, not
> only in the server. :-)

Well, and if you looked at the issues you would have seen that a lot of issues 
with the client are actually feature requests, not really bugs.

In addition I think that we really need a stronger separation of server and 
client. Untranslated strings in Kontact e3.5 for example have nothing to do 
with Kolab, neither with the server nor with the Kolab part in Kontact. This 
bug should be at bugs.kde.org, but as e.3.5 is no longer maintained by KDE but 
rather by the Kolab community, we haven't found a better place than 

Long story short: There is quite a number of reports, but the actual number of 
bugs is way lower.

> > Roundup will be phased out, we are just not sure how to migrate the
> > content
> Then please update all links to the new issue tracker or even better move
> the new issue tracker directly to issues.kolab.org and the old one to
> another address. Otherwise people continue to fill issues in roundup.
> These sites reference issues.kolab.org:
> http://wiki.kolab.org/index.php/Kolab_Issue_Tracker
> http://kolab.org/

If it was that easy, we would have already done that. :) It's not just 
changing a few wiki pages. This involves different teams, different customers, 
different workflows and much more. The old tracker still is in use and we 
cannot just pull the plug until we have found a solution that works for 

> > to Bugzilla. While I personally think this is a good opportunity to clean
> > the bug tracker (because a lot of bugs are no longer valid), others are
> > afraid that valuable information gets lost.
> Where's the problem? Just keep the old issue tracker living read-only and
> add a notice to all html sites referring to the new tracker. If people
> want to continue working on old issues, they should re-open them in the
> new tracker.

I fully agree. That's basically what we have in mind. 

I Fedora we close old bugs once a release is no longer supported. ALl bugs get 
a message that basically says "Dear bug reporter, Fedora 14 is end of life. If 
you still see this problem in one of the supported Fedora versions, please 
upgrade the version field and reopen the bug."

While I think we could just tell the people to move the bug over to the 
tracker, others are afraid that we'll lose valuable debug information, patches 
or great ideas and disappoint the bug reporters. We need to at least offer a 
convenient way migrate bugs.

> After 2 years you should be able to pull the plug on the old tracker.

If it's read only it should still be around for documentation purposes, just 
like cvs.kolab.org: Even if we have moved to git and converted the history, 
the old CVS is still around for good reasons.


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