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Christoph Wickert wickert at kolabsys.com
Wed Nov 9 17:02:01 CET 2011

On Wednesday 09 November 2011 13:43:50 Thomas Koch wrote:
> Hi,
> I've started to learn kolab this week for my bachelor thesis work about
> calendaring standards vs. REST. I found a couple of minor issues here and
> there and wanted to fill issues in the issue tracker (and also help out
> fixing).

Sounds good! :)

> Now the issue tracker itself seems to be a major issue. Many more then 1000
> unresolved issues means that the issue tracker isn't used as it should or
> isn't usable. And a project without an issue tracker is a nightmare.

While I agree that the situation about the bug tracker is not optimal, I 
wonder how you managed to find more than 1000 open burg in the Kolab Server. 
Please note that issues.kolab.org not only tracks server bugs but also client 
bugs and a few customer requests and feature requests.

If you read the instructions how to use the issue tracker you will see that 
you have to search for the "server" keyword and for bugs that are "not 
resolved" or " not done-cbb". This number is currently at 389 issues and also 
includes issues that are fixed bug need testing (101 issues) or deferred (11).

But here you already see a problem of the current Roundup tracker at 
issues.kolab.org: Nobody reads the instructions and sets the proper keywords. 
Setting keywords is not mandatory and there is no guidance when filing a bug. 
Roundup has other shortcomings, just look for bugs with the "roundup" 

But the biggest problem is not roundup but the fact that we currently have 2 
bug trackers. One is issues.kolab.org and the other is bugzilla.kolabsys.com. 

> What do you think about the situation? What's the status? Can I help out?

Roundup will be phased out, we are just not sure how to migrate the content to 
Bugzilla. While I personally think this is a good opportunity to clean the bug 
tracker (because a lot of bugs are no longer valid), others are afraid that 
valuable information gets lost. Once we have figured out the details there 
only be one Bugzilla and it will move to the current location 
issues.kolab.org. Old URLs will get redirected to the old Roundup, which will 
be read-only then. At least that's the current plan.


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