[Kolab-devel] Packaging the kolab-webadmin package

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at kolabsys.com
Wed Sep 15 17:11:22 CEST 2010

Zitat von Thomas Arendsen Hein <thomas at intevation.de>:

> * Gunnar Wrobel <wrobel at kolabsys.com> [20100915 10:04]:
>> Assuming I would merge the branch next week then the next step would
>> be to remove the source code from the repository to keep packaging and
>> sources separated (yay!). In former times I moved a lot of PHP code to
>> the Horde repository. This made sense at the time as the code quality
>> over there was way higher and the code I moved has strong dependencies
>> on the other Horde components. In addition the whole infrastructure on
>> horde.org is focused on PHP coding.
>> But moving the kolab-webadmin there probably wouldn't be a good idea.
>> There are no dependencies on any other Horde components. And while the
>> packaging may have improved the code itself did not. I don't see how
>> it could benefit from living in the horde.org repository at the moment.
> In the past I noticed that the code that moved to horde.org can be
> only changed easily by you (or other Horde developers), so this
> severely impacted the hackability.

You know that this was intentional and I tried to support patching to  
the best of my abilities.

The hackability of the code was of course far better when the code  
still lived in Kolab CVS. But as a side effect the code looked like  
the kolab-webadmin still looks today. And while I'm the primary  
developer/maintainer of the code I simply can't allow that :)

But to be honest: I had my reasons back then and reached my goal in  
that area. I would have far less problems to have the code maintained  
on a kolab.org repository nowadays. Mainly because these packages  
reached a state where there are some boundary conditions that make it  
much harder to wreak havoc with the code. I'm mainly thinking of the  
packaging and the test suites there.

So I'm open to discuss the location of these Kolab_* packages.

The reason why I feel they still belong into the horde.org repository  
is that those packages all have strong dependencies on other Horde  
components. And some of the Horde applications have strong  
dependencies on these Kolab_* packages. So they are somewhere in the  
middle there and removing the packages from the horde.org repository  
might mean that the Kolab server compatibility of Horde applications  
might degrade and I wouldn't like to see that.

But as Horde is using git now (http://github.com/horde) I don't see  
much of a problem with us having a copy of the horde repository that  
could get our own fixes and patches. So far there weren't that many  
patches coming in that way so I'm fairly certain that I'd have no  
problem being the arbiter between both repositories.

>> So I'd rather like to keep the code somewhere else. My preference
>> would be to put it into a Kolab System git repository. What do others
>> think?
> Why yet another infrastructure instead of just using hg.kolab.org?

I don't see this particularly connected to hg.kolab.org. It is in fact  
my intention to separate the source code as clearly as possible from  
the packaging. We've had the joined repo in the past and it lead to  
the current state of the code. So, yes, I definitely want to add  
another piece of infrastructure - a repository - to keep the  
kolab-webadmin source code (kolabd, perl-kolab should get their own  
repos too once I cleaned those).

And if we add that piece of infrastructure on hg.kolab.org or  
git.kolab.org or git.kolabsys.com is something that ultimately does  
not matter to me personally at all. It is a distributed revision  
control system, I can work with it, I'm happy.

I only felt that the people that will primarily be involved with  
coding on the web admin have a preference towards git. I do too, for  
that matter. Hence my suggestion.



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