[Kolab-devel] Z-Push logfile rotation/compression

Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at kolabsys.com
Wed Sep 1 19:06:45 CEST 2010

Zitat von Thomas Reitelbach <tr at erdfunkstelle.de>:

> Hello List,
> I'm using Kolab 2.2.4 with z-push 0.5 RPM packages for kolab.
> While I was preparing my backup for my kolab-server I noticed the logfile of
> z-push exceeded 500MB space in one single file, while other kolab-specific
> logfiles are beeing rotated and compressed daily.
> I know that z-push is in a testing/beta stage. So when you  
> (kolab-guys) decide
> to deliver z-push together with the kolab server, you should think about
> logfile handling.
> I hope someone can work on this. I have no account at any bugtracker, so I
> thought I would just give you a note.

Thanks for the reminder. I created a corresponding issue:



> There are other issues with z-push (a kolab-specific typo, and issues with
> calendar sync with iPhone). Should I contact someone upstream? Regarding my
> calendar problem i'm not sure if it's kolab-specific or a general z-push
> problem.
> Cheers
> Thomas
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