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Gunnar Wrobel wrobel at pardus.de
Tue May 11 07:23:50 CEST 2010

Quoting "Mailingliste TBits.net GmbH" <mailinglists at tbits.net>:

> Quoting "Gunnar Wrobel" <wrobel at pardus.de>:
>> Of course you should contact them, too :) We always have people
>> contributing new applications to Horde CVS (or git nowadays). You
>> would get valuable feedback there.
> That may be, but the people in this shop seem to utterly fail to make
> any distinction between Horde and Kolab. I was instructed to post here
> and so I did. :P
> Courtesy of paranoid firewall admins, we might have some trouble
> commiting stuff to git anyways. That and there is the issue of
> targeting H3 for compatibility; it would appear this whole application
> will promptly cease working once you switch to H4.

I know the horde guys looked at the application as it has shortly been  
discussed on IRC. But so far nobody responded to your request. I think  
they did not know what to do with it as the mail you wrote to the  
horde mailing list already indicated that exists no real interest in  
further supporting the application from the side of your company. So  
importing it into git does not make much sense indeed as you already  
pointed out.

>> And there might be interesting  applications in the phone area with
>> which you could integrate.
>> I wonder to which extent it integrates with the "Shout" appplication
>>  (http://git.horde.org/shout/). Probably not too much but there
>> might  be come overlap.
> Again, the outdated Horde installation rains on my parade. I could not
> seem to get Shout running, I suspect it wants H4 and SQL, both of
> which we lack. Moreover, there is no API doc whatsoever (this seems to
> be quite Horde-specific), so I frankly wouldn't know what to inegrate
> *with*. The project doesn't even seem to have a sub-page on the Horde
> site. Whatever happened to the old mantra "if you want people using
> your code, document it". Seems lots of people over there flunked
> Software Engineering 101.
>> I think there is no doubt that we want it. Question is what kind of
>> support it gets where. From my point of view I'd definitely like to
>> see it in Horde CVS and git.
> So would people here. Perhaps we will give them a shout (no pun
> intended) after all. Though, quite frankly, I don't know which would
> be sadder -- if they rejected it or if they actually merged it. Either
> way, Gossip should probably be considered "transitional" at best; both
> because of the H3 vs. H4 issue and the fact that there will needs to
> be a lot of testing going on. So for the record (any users listening
> in?), this is most certainly *not* fit for production use.
>> I saw that you needed to patch Kolab.php for your application. I
>> will  need to fix that as there shouldn't be any need to hack the
>> code when  adding new applications. Another task for Horde 4.
> Truer words have rarely been spoken. And while you're at it, how about
> that documentation...? :D I literally spent days looking through code
> to figure out how this whole IMAP storage dealie works. I wonder who
> would willingly subject themselves to this.
>> Thanks for providing the package!
> Meh. I see how common courtesy demands I say "you're welcome" at this
> point, but that may be stretching it a bit. I will *not* get started
> with a wild rant about how this is all hopeless, but seriously? I was
> more or less forced to code that, that's all there is to it.

Hm, I probably fail to see what your intentions concerning gossip are.  
You seem to consider the software you wrote to be complete crap but  
the company you represent here apparently does not. So I feel like I'm  
left to guess what the intentions of your company are.

Maybe the person that "forced" you to write these mails might chime in  
here? :)



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