[Kolab-devel] thomas: server/kolab-webadmin/kolab-webadmin ChangeLog, 1.88, 1.89

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at intevation.de
Wed Mar 5 21:52:28 CET 2008

* Richard Bos <ml at radoeka.nl> [20080305 17:40]:
> Op Tuesday 04 March 2008 17:35:26 schreef Thomas Arendsen Hein:
> > The extra spaces are clearly visible in when you have underlined
> > links (which I at least have in submenus) and were slightly visible
> > in the main menu (the right | was a little farther away from the
> > left |).
> Ah, I see it now as well.
> > So whatever you do to solve this:
> > 1. use white space on both sides
> > 2. don't put white space at the start or end of a link text.
> >
> > And it would be good if the menu bar wouldn't get any wider than it
> > already is.
> This contradicts with what you ietm 1. above.  The space is needed to nicely 
> break the menu when the browser is made smaller.  This is easy to test, by 
> making the browser smaller, just try that yourself.

Something (CSS? I haven't checked) causes the menu to be displayed
like it is, at this place you can probably change the spacing
between text and decoration. Just decrease that spacing and add
spaces on both sides outside the <a href>...</a>

> As the links are only shown in the submenu, would it be okay to add the spaces 
> only to the top menu?

I'd prefer a real fix :)


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