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Eleni Postantzi lenapostantzi at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 18:09:46 CEST 2008

Hallo Eleni,

On Tuesday 03 June 2008 17:34, Eleni Postantzi wrote:
> 'Moving Art Studio - All2all' , where I work, are planning our first
> migration from Exchange to Kolab (+/- 200 users). I've been positively
> surprised during the tests and also from the support one can get on
> the userslist, and I believe that Kolab will have a great future.

wonderful! :)

> However, during the tests we've realized that the web administration
> interface of Kolab is not flexible at all.
> We'd like to rewrite the interface and thus with that way, contribute
> to the project. Of course,it will be published under the GPL licence.

We highly welcome distributions.

> Would it be possible to provide us more infos about Kolab's
> architecture, the web interface and its roadmap? I think i saw
> somewhere on the userslist that the interface is going to be
> integrated in horde from kolab 2.3.
> Maybe we could work together on this!

This is definately in our interest to work together!

Most existing documentation can be reached by
http://www.kolab.org/documentation.html. Also peek into the old
architecture documents to get an idea of the design principles.
There is no plan to integrate the slim web admin interface into Horde
(up to my knowledge).

Best is to hook up on the kolab-devel@ list and start asking questions
if you miss something.

I would be interesting to know why you think the web admin interface
is inflexible. :)

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