[Kolab-devel] kolab web interface development

Eleni Postantzi lenapostantzi at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 18:08:26 CEST 2008

Hallo Gunnar, Hallo Bernhard,

'Moving Art Studio - All2all' , where I work, are planning our first
migration from Exchange to Kolab (+/- 200 users). I've been positively
surprised during the tests and also from the support one can get on
the userslist, and I believe that Kolab will have a great future.

However, during the tests we've realized that the web administration
interface of Kolab is not flexible at all.

We'd like to rewrite the interface and thus with that way, contribute
to the project. Of course,it will be published under the GPL licence.

Would it be possible to provide us more infos about Kolab's
architecture, the web interface and its roadmap? I think i saw
somewhere on the userslist that the interface is going to be
integrated in horde from kolab 2.3.

Maybe we could work together on this!

Here's more infos about my firm:

all2all is a non-profit web hosting provider offering clear and well
dimensioned solutions without hidden extra fees. Besides running your
web sites and e-mail, all2all is also a dns registrar for .be top
level domains. Our longterm professional knowledge of linux and IP
networks contributes to the success of your Internet project.

Built from 100% free and open source software, the all2all network
offers high-performance, stable and secure Internet hosting which is
compliant with our ethical charter in terms of privacy protection and
freedom of speech. all2all is managed by the non-profit association
Moving Art Studio and has full financial independence. Therefore the
projet is able to refuse commercial advertising and political
pressures. The word all2all literally means free communication from
everybody to everybody (all to all).

you can take a look on our ethical charter here :

Best regards,


Eleni Postantzi | all2all, réseau indépendant depuis 1996
Moving Art Studio asbl, 51 rue de l'Instruction, 1070 Bruxelles
E-Mail:eleni.postantzi at all2all.net
Homepage: http://www.all2all.org

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