[Kolab-devel] Permissions problems in Kronolith

Diego Woitasen diegows at xtech.com.ar
Mon Jan 21 02:16:24 CET 2008

  I'm working on a bug[1] when one user tries to add an event to other
user's calendar. The problem is that ImapFolder_Permission::getPerm()
must use MYRIGHTS IMAP command to check the current user permissions on
a folder. I have added getMyRights() method to
Kolab_IMAP_Connection_pear() and forced the use of pear instead of
c-client (PHP IMAP extensions doesn't have myrights()).

  Now the check of PERMS_EDIT works fine but the problem is PERM_DELEGATE.
I don't undertand the meaning of DELEGATE and coudln't find the
con-stant on /kolab/lib/php.

  I attach my patch. It's a temporal workaround. We should add the
imap_getmyrights() function to php5 extension or directly use pear

[1] https://intevation.de/roundup/kolab/issue2385


Diego Woitasen
XTECH - Soluciones Linux para empresas
(54) 011 5219-0678
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