[Kolab-devel] Kolab participation in the Google Summer of Code

Richard Bos radoeka at xs4all.nl
Mon May 8 20:48:27 CEST 2006

Op maandag 8 mei 2006 12:39, schreef Jan Schneider:
> > How easy?  Would it help if I open an enhancement report in horde's
> > bugdb?
> As easy as writing a Horde application. And no, an enhancement request  
> won't help.
> http://www.horde.org/papers/fosdem2005/

Nice document.

> > Does the horde project need to add another form to 1 of the modules, or
> > is there already an existing form that can be extended? (just of
> > curious).
> There are the user preferences which could be used to write some of  
> the prefs back to the kolab server. There is also an alpha level user  
> management tool (Vilma) for administrators, that could be extended to  
> manage kolab user from an admin pov.

I had the user in mind and not the administrator....  It should be user that 
updates its own information.

Richard Bos
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