[Kolab-devel] Kolab participation in the Google Summer of Code

Peter Marinov peter at worldwidefx.net
Wed May 3 11:07:35 CEST 2006

Well, (ingo) H3 (1.2-cvs) works fine for my kolab, but still it is not aware
of kolab users sieve management.(deliver to inbox,forward..)
If you activate ingo sieve filter, it disables the kolab one and vise
I don't use kronolith because of performance issues but tasks, notes,
password,turba are working well.


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Richard Bos wrote:
> I just saw that horde provides a new release for Ingo....  For what???  
> Ingo indeed ;)  This is a sieve filter/rule editor/frontend (but not 
> limited to sieve alone).  Does anyone know is Ingo usable in 
> combination with kolab?  I think that this one, toghether with Turba, 
> kronolith and the above mentioned syncml server make a nice web user 
> interface possible.....  Well hopefully this will be achieved one
Yes, i used Ingo with Kolab and it work well because it doesn't interfere
with no components customized by kolab2 but only with standard cyrus!

Turba, Kronolith and Nag are already "usable" with kolab2 even if they would
need to be improved and refined to be considered a "stable kolab2 web
interface" .

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