[Kolab-devel] Compile imapd with murder (CVS)

Michael Leupold leupold at leunet.de
Wed May 3 13:16:52 CEST 2006

Am Mittwoch, 3. Mai 2006 12:44 schrieb Torsten Irländer:
> > Is there some documentation on how the packaging/CVS compile works?
> Hi Michael,
> Maybe this article on the wiki can help you. This article is based on an
> Posting from Bernhard Herzog on the Mailinglist:
> http://kolab.org/pipermail/kolab-devel/2006-April/005283.html
> However here is the link to the article:
> http://wiki.kolab.org/index.php/Kolab2_Beta_testing

Hi Torsten,

thanks for the information, but actually the thing I don't understand is the 
procedure when patches are applied to exisiting openpkg src-rpms. This is 
related to the fact that I have only slight ideas how rpms work.
The build procedure seems quite complex (if you have no idea what's going on). 
So far I figured out it might work like that:
- get the original openpkg source-rpm
- extract the rpm to /kolab/RPM/SRC
- copy the patches to the temporary directory
- apply the patches to the original files
- start compiling
- build 2 new rpms (source and distribution-specific).

The part I don't get is the one where which patches get applied. I think I'll 
have a look at this again later.


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