[Kolab-devel] Kolab Server 2.1 Beta 1 released

Bernhard Herzog bh at intevation.de
Fri Feb 3 18:22:45 CET 2006

Hi all,

I've just uploaded a new release of the Kolab Server 2.1 branch.
This is the first beta release, so it's now linked in the 
server/beta/kolab-server-2.1-beta-1 directory.
The mirrors should have the files shortly.

As usual, the release-notes are attached.

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Release notes Kolab2 Server
(Version, Kolab Server pre 2.1)

This is a development snapshot of the kolab server leading up to a 2.1
release.  For upgrading and installation instructions, please refer to
the 1st.README file in the source directory.

At this point an upgrade from 2.0 is not recommended.  Instructions for
the upgrade from 2.0 are in 1st.README, but they're not very well tested

Differences between Kolab 2.0.x and 2.1:

    - Simple multi-domain support

      The Kolab server can now accept mail for multiple email domains.
      There is also a new class of maintainers which are only allowed to
      manage settings for a subset of the mail domains of the kolab

Known problems:

    - After bootstrapping please stop kolab and start it again, see
      Issue1068 (Mailboxes are not created until kolabd restart) and
      Issue1098 (Changes in the service tab are not accepted after
      bootstrap) for details.

    - Distribution lists without domain (like those created for
      administative addresses in the services tab) break when edited
      via the web interface, see Issue1100 for details.
      A workaround is to manually create those lists for every domain
      configured in the server.

    - If modifying or deleting of address book entries doesn't work,
      restarting openldap can help, see Issue854 for details.
      Deleting address book entries doesn't automatically remove them
      from distribution lists like it is done for users, see Issue848
      for details.

Changes since 2.1-20051215:

    OpenPKG updates:

      - clamav-0.88-20060110

	Fixes UPX compressed file heap buffer overflow (CVE-2006-0162)


      - openpkg-registry-0.2.5-20051129

	New package

    Kolab updates:

      All kolab specific packages contain more distconf changes
      by Richard Bos and Markus Hüwe.

      The webserver prefix is configurable now.

      - kolab-horde-fbview-2.0.99-20051220

      - kolab-horde-framework-2.0.99-20051220

      - kolab-resource-handlers-2.0.99-20060201

	* Resolved:
	    Issue1010 (new build-mechanism)

      - kolab-webadmin-2.0.99-20060201

	* Resolved:
	    Issue730  (Cannot rename user in Kolab2 Admin interface)
	    Issue809  (kolab web-admin dutch locale)
	    Issue848  (remove deleted users from distribution lists)
	    Issue1007 (kolab-webadmin autoconfiscation patch)
	    Issue1023 (fix some typos in messages)

      - kolabd-2.0.99-20060203

	* Resolved:
	    Issue768  (virtual.template changes not picked up by kolabconf)
	    Issue1012 (make koilabquotawarn log when it sends warning mails)
	    Issue1027 (kolab showuser doesn't work)
	    Issue1046 (fix an openpkg rc call in kolab_bootstrap)
	    Issue1038 (remove perl-kolab/configure from repository)
	    Issue1050 (Make DLs work for sending email)

      - perl-kolab-5.8.7-20060201

	* Resolved:
	    Issue1022 (autoconfiscation patch for perl-kolab)

$Id: release-notes.txt,v 1.35 2006/02/03 14:34:54 thomas Exp $
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