Fwd: Re: [Kolab-devel] The kolab-resource-handlers module

radoeka radoeka at xs4all.nl
Thu Oct 20 14:15:04 CEST 2005


great to have your feedback here!

On Thu, Oct 20, 2005 at 12:16:30PM +0200, Steffen Hansen wrote:
> Thanks for your investigations. 45 edited files since the import would 
> be the correct statement. The initially imported code is what I got 
> from CodeFusion long ago. It was already edited compared to the Horde 
> mainline files. I have no idea how many files had been touched at that 
> time.

Oefff :(  Any idea of the version that was used to fork?  If we know 
that we can hopefully determine, all changes.  Although that is not too
important for the porting effort.

> > framework/Image/package.xml
> > framework/Kolab/Kolab.php
> > framework/Net_IMAP/IMAP.php
> > framework/Net_IMAP/IMAPProtocol.php
> > framework/Net_IMAP/docs/test_IMAP.php
> > framework/Net_IMAP/docs/test_IMAPProtocol.php
> > framework/Net_IMAP/package.xml
> > framework/Net_LMTP/LMTP.php
> > framework/Net_LMTP/package.xml
> > framework/Net_LMTP/test_lmtp.php
> > framework/VC/package.xml
> > framework/iCalendar/iCalendar.php
> > framework/install-packages.php
> >
> > RB: the files above are part of the new kolab-horde-framework.  Does
> > this make it possible to remove the
> > kolab-resource-handlers/kolab-resource-handlers/fbview/fbview/framewo
> >rk directory?
> Yes! The framework dir should be gone from CVS since some days.

I see now.  It is confusing due to the cvs problem, that does not remove
directories.  As such it just looks like the package is still there.

> > Is it with this information possible to remove the directory:
> > kolab-resource-handlers/kolab-resource-handlers/fbview/fbview, but
> > the kolab related files mentioned above?
> >
> > Wow, that would be spectular the kolab-resource-handler module would
> > be deminished from over 3300 files to 50, 60 files (this is just a
> > gues).
> Yes that would indeed be nice. Can you try to see what happens if you 
> remove those files?

For now and for the kolab porting purpose I don't want to remove the 
files from the (kolab) project.  I only want to have them moved (horde 
related files) to their own module.

> > One remark: at this moment there are I think 2 horde related top
> > directories (modules) in cvs, being horde and kolab-horde-framework. 
> > With my proposal(s) above their would be even more (kronolith, turba,
> > etc).  Would it be possible to clean up the horde directory (which is
> > not used I assume (at least it has not been altered in the last 2
> > years)).  Move the kolab-horde-framework and the
> > kolab-resource-handlers/kolab-resource-handlers/fbview/fbview into
> > it? When that would be done, kolab can provide a horde rpm.  The
> > kolab-resource-handlers rpm will depend on the horde rpm, but that's
> > fine.  I think that this seperation will lead to a much better
> > understanding in what is provided by kolab and what is delivered by a
> > the 3rd project horde.  And this move would make it possible to
> > really finish the autoconfiscation of kolab in the right way.
> So you think we should aim for 2 or 3 packages?
> kolab-horde-framework: Horde "library classes"
> kolab-fbview-whatever: FBView and possibly other Horde apps
> kolab-resource-handlers: Mail filter scripts and freebusy scripts
> or are you thinking about putting the horde frameswork and fbview into 
> the same pacakge?

No, if possible (technically it is) I would like to see the files 
owned by the kolab project seperate from the horde related files.

Something like:

(*) whatever name (perhaps kolab-horde?).

kolab-resource-handlers/fbview (**)

(**) The fbview directory would contain:
> kronolith/attendeescommon.php
> kronolith/attendeeshandler.php
> kronolith/config/.cvsignore
> kronolith/config/conf.php
> kronolith/config/html.php
> kronolith/config/prefs.php
> kronolith/lib/FBView/day.php
> kronolith/lib/FBView/month.php
> kronolith/lib/FBView/week.php
> kronolith/lib/FBView/workweek.php
> kronolith/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/kronolith.mo
> kronolith/po/de_DE.po
> kronolith/po/kronolith.pot
> kronolith/savedattlist.php
> kronolith/templates/attendees/attendees.inc
> kronolith/templates/fbview/busyblock.tpl
> kronolith/templates/weekView/linesblock.tpl
(perhaps some other files are to be included and others
are to be excluded).  But this is the idea

I hope I made myself clear.


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