[Kolab-devel] cc problem in source installation of 2.0.1

Markus Heller markus at relix.de
Sat Oct 15 02:20:10 CEST 2005

Hi guys,

I have just hit a problem: I didn't have any cc. 

In other words, my debian was so brandnew that there was not the link
/usr/bin/cc -> /etc/alternatives/cc -> /usr/bin/gcc

I mean, it is very easy to verify in the beginning of the ombtool run if the 
required binaries are present. Here, there was no such verification, and the 
result was that a number of packages were installed, some others weren't and 
after all, I could not go on and bootstrap kolab. 

It's highly misleading for somebody who is not so consistent with the unix 
procedures of error checking. There war no clear error message that pointed 
out that there was no cc available. 

In this sense I suggest that the development team may introduce some checks at 
the beginning of the ombtool.

Best wishes,


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