AW: AW: [Kolab-devel] Re: kolab_bootstrap -b fails on Solaris 8 Sparc

Bernhard Reiter bernhard.reiter at
Wed Oct 5 20:49:51 CEST 2005

Am Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2005 18:30 schrieb ComCept Net GmbH Soliva:
> The issue about ps aux (-elf) is done it means this is not anymore a
> problem also because I saw that in the next release the command will be
> posix like!

> The case with cp -pRP seems to me not really posix like it means I do not
> know where it can be loked at it but what I can say is that on Solaris a cp
> -pRP does not exist it means:
> User Commands                                               cp(1)
>      cp - copy files

> The option -P does not exists on Solaris 8 see also
> (enter under "Set comamnd name" the
> required command and on the fly you will see the man pages).
> I would not say that Solaris is overall posix but this command cp is under
> normal circumstances and under Solaris posix like?

I cited my copy of the standard so it might be that your version of Solaris 
is not fully posix compatible?  
Can you try if your "cp -Rp" will copy symbolic links?
If so, you could leave the "-P" out.

> The other stuff I would test in the next days...coming back with the
> results!


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