[Kolab-devel] Re: bernhard: server/kolab/kolab/templates amavisd.conf.template, 1.1, 1.2

Stephan Buys list at codefusion.co.za
Fri Nov 19 07:13:55 CET 2004


On Thursday 18 November 2004 18:06, Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> No I wrote:
>  * Virus and banned files will be quarantined and the recipient notified.
> so I indeed did not want to notify  the sender. ;-)
My bad ;-)

> > For a mailer to just "drop" mails, ie. discard them is _very_ bad.
> I know, this is why I changed the spam default behvaiour to D_PASS.
> > If you want to go the quarantine route I suggest that we setup a default
> > quarantine mailbox in the same fashion as the postmaster and abuse mailbox.
> I think that viruses and mails with banned file names will be quarantines
> in a directory now, which is good behaviour.
Ok - and the recipient will be notified so action can be taken... BTW - has 
anyone ever tested this?
> > To me it makes sense for virus to be bounced. Its a courtesy to let the
> > sender know they have an email virus??
> No, actually this makes the email to appear lost, because of many 
> bounces, many people will discard them. 
> The notifcation of senders is really annoying, because of the forged
> email headers by many viruses, so it does not tell you anything.

> > My suggestion is to properly configure quarantining and make the "final
> > destiny" D_BOUNCE.
> I think quarantining is configured in a directory and bouncing is a bad default.
> Of course in a real setup the admin want to tune those parameters
> and might find a different policy more useful.
> I just talked with a  couple of people and got convinced that
> qurantining in a directory and passing though marked is the best default,
> to not make anybody unhappy.
Conceded. Actually we always let spam through as well and assist the user with
tagging it as spam. Maybe the subject-line rewrite should be enabled?


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