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Stephan Buys list at codefusion.co.za
Wed Nov 3 12:41:51 CET 2004

Hi all,

Bernhard: Would it be possible to roll the latest Kolab package (it will need
to be generated from CVS) with your ftp upload of the server?

There are some interesting additions to the kolab namespace tool that are
now available:

The tool is located in /kolab/bin/kolab

It now supports:
#kolab start/stop
(unified way to start/stop Kolab even if the distro doesn't use OpenPKG)
#kolab listusers
Dump a list of Kolab users (doesn't support every scenario, like addressbooks
#kolab showuser user at kolabserver
Show LDAP details of the user
#kolab adduser
CLI utility to add users to Kolab
#kolab deluser
CLI utility to delete users
#kolab showlog
Show a list of all the logs on kolab, this can be customized by the distributor
like Mandrake
#kolab showlog postfix (will show the postfix log)
#kolab showlog -t postfix (will call tail -f on the postfix log)

Hopefully other user will also find this exciting and contribute to the quality of
the scripts as well as create new ones...


On Tuesday 02 November 2004 18:19, Stephan Buys wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have added something I call the Kolab Namespace tool. It basically adds
> the same functionality to kolab as the /kolab/bin/openpkg tool does to OpenPKG.
> (Actually, the kolab script is derived from /kolab/bin/openpkg)
> The kolab namespace tool is a frontend for scripts located in:
> /kolab/libexec/kolab
> At the moment there are 2 very short example scripts that I have added, the
> idea being to add more as we go.
> As of today you can do the following:
> #kolab services 
> which will output the services installed
> #kolab newconfig
> which runs /kolab/sbin/kolabconfig.
> The reasoning behind this tool was to make it easier for guys like Mandrake, etc.
> to roll kolab with their own distributions and have one unifying interface to access
> all core functions. 
> As an example I plan to add the following tools:
> 1) kolab (listusers|adduser|deluser)
> 2) kolab openpkg
> 3) kolab backup
> 4) kolab listlog
> (specifically aimed at Mandrake, etc. who might have logs in other locations)
> 5) kolab viewlog (imapd|postfix|etc...)
> All that we need to do to get this running  is drop the correct scripts in /kolab/libexec/kolab
> To see what scripts are available just run:
> #/kolab/bin/kolab --help
> The overall effect of the kolab namespace will be that users will have an easy interface
> through which to query the functionality of kolab and admin the system.
> Regards,

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