[Kolab-devel] The Kolab Namespace

Stephan Buys list at codefusion.co.za
Tue Nov 2 17:19:41 CET 2004

Hi all,

I have added something I call the Kolab Namespace tool. It basically adds
the same functionality to kolab as the /kolab/bin/openpkg tool does to OpenPKG.
(Actually, the kolab script is derived from /kolab/bin/openpkg)

The kolab namespace tool is a frontend for scripts located in:

At the moment there are 2 very short example scripts that I have added, the
idea being to add more as we go.

As of today you can do the following:

#kolab services 
which will output the services installed

#kolab newconfig
which runs /kolab/sbin/kolabconfig.

The reasoning behind this tool was to make it easier for guys like Mandrake, etc.
to roll kolab with their own distributions and have one unifying interface to access
all core functions. 
As an example I plan to add the following tools:

1) kolab (listusers|adduser|deluser)
2) kolab openpkg
3) kolab backup
4) kolab listlog
(specifically aimed at Mandrake, etc. who might have logs in other locations)
5) kolab viewlog (imapd|postfix|etc...)

All that we need to do to get this running  is drop the correct scripts in /kolab/libexec/kolab

To see what scripts are available just run:
#/kolab/bin/kolab --help

The overall effect of the kolab namespace will be that users will have an easy interface
through which to query the functionality of kolab and admin the system.

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