[Kolab-devel] Kolab CF

Andreas Gungl a.gungl at gmx.de
Tue Jan 20 09:36:50 CET 2004

> > What about zfos? I've read about it but I don't know how this will 
> > support 
> > my existing installation or interfere with it. If it pulls versions to 
> > be built via cvs then it won't help me because I've no cvs access in the

> > company I work for and where I have Kolab installed. 
> > 
> The zfos release happends via src.rpms and binary rpms and is basically  
> identical to the main Kolab release except for a change in the startup and

> shutdown scripts and a tighter integration into OpenPKG-current.  
Can you tell me more about the need to distinguish between main Kolab
release and zfos release? 
See me as an admin who just wonders why there are two releases which seem to
be (at least to me) 
somehow separated. 
> The Web Client is being developed by Code Fusion and is specifically aimed

> at some of our client's requests. We are not using the Sourceforge site or

> Intevation's CVS at the moment, but using internal systems... 
> There will be a new release this week, which integrates support for 
> Meetings, Free/Busy times, etc. This will also be a development quality
Does that mean you will provide a new package at 
http://www.erfrakon.de/projects/kolab/download/kolab-webclient/ (and a short
instruction how to 
install it over the previous package)? 
Sorry if my questions are stupid. I just want to keep our Kolab server
running and up-to-date which 
means basically replace problematic parts like the web frontend from October
with improved and 
newer versions. An improved web admin frontend would be welcome too, you
mentioned quota 
support - that's one reason why I would like to go for it. 
Unfortunatly information on kolab.kde.org about ongoing develpment are rare.
And the situation on 
the ftp servers is the same like months before. It's hard to convice my
bosses to stick to Kolab, 
there is indeed pressure to give Skyrix or even OpenExchange from SuSE a
try. Showing them that 
Kolab matters (even in small steps) would give me better aguments. I think
there are many more 
people out there who have that problem too, this is why I want to convince
you to do more 
marketing and shorter cycles in rollout even if the features are minor.
Steady improvements are 
currently better than waiting for 6-8 month for a new release, IMHO. 

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