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Hi Andreas,

On Monday 19 January 2004 23:06, Andreas Gungl wrote:
> What will be the upgrade path for an existing Kolab installation? Up to now
> I used the src-rpms provided by intevation and I also installed the web
> frontend (October snapshot provided on Intevations FTP server). Now I
> wonder if there will be new src-rpms available via that channel.
This is not really intended as an upgrade, but more as an experimental set of
packages. We consider them quite stable and would gladly make them available
for the improvement of the main Kolab distribution. 
The src.rpms will be available on the zfos site.
Strictly speaking it should be a straight forward upgrade as long as any 
customized template files and kolab.conf is properly backed up. I would 
not recommend doing this in a production environment, but rather in a lab
environment until you are satisfied that you know what to expect.

> What about zfos? I've read about it but I don't know how this will support
> my existing installation or interfere with it. If it pulls versions to be
> built via cvs then it won't help me because I've no cvs access in the
> company I work for and where I have Kolab installed.
The zfos release happends via src.rpms and binary rpms and is basically 
identical to the main Kolab release except for a change in the startup and 
shutdown scripts and a tighter integration into OpenPKG-current. 

> The web frontend (from October) was let's say incomplete. Well, it's some
> kind of pre-release and I actually have no problems with that. But I don't
> know where the current development is done. Sourceforge seems to be dead (I
> also read it in another mail to this list), and the Kolab CVS at Intevation
> has pretty old files too.
The Web Client is being developed by Code Fusion and is specifically aimed
at some of our client's requests. We are not using the Sourceforge site or 
Intevation's CVS at the moment, but using internal systems...

There will be a new release this week, which integrates support for Meetings, 
Free/Busy times, etc. This will also be a development quality release.

> Regards,
> Andreas
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