[Kolab-devel] mod_php_pear in kolab

Ian Reinhart Geiser ian at geiseri.com
Thu Feb 26 20:56:25 CET 2004

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	I now have a package for smartsieve, a web based sieve filter editor.  While 
not the best solution in the world, its pretty slick for our users here who 
just want to get server side filtering to work.  The big drawback is it 
requires php with mcrypt installed or php_pear's crypt module.  Now providing 
the pear crypt is pretty simple, so I opted to go that route.  At this point 
I noticed that pear was installed by the horde package.  This is a problem 
since horde is not part of the standard base install... if we include pear in 
our package then our smartsieve package will conflict with horde.  

	Is it a solution to build apache with "--define "with_mod_php_pear yes" and 
we can use that in both horde and smartsieve?

	For our current install we can use both at the same time, but I think we may 
want to have a more portable long term solution.  It would suck for kolab as 
a group to not be able to use SourceXtreme's packages just be cause they 
require a special Kolab setup.

	-ian reinhart geiser
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