[Kolab-devel] Whats bad with Webmin?

Martin Konold martin.konold at erfrakon.de
Sat Feb 28 11:21:54 CET 2004

Am Tuesday 24 February 2004 17:15 schrieb Stephan Buys:

Hi Stephan,

> Just wondering if it would be worthwhile investigating Webmin for the
> management of the Kolab server?

As Berhard already mentioned we evaluated Webim for using with Kolab 1. 
Besides the horrendous security situation there are personal experiences of 
people shooting themself in the foot with Webmin because webmin tries to 
parse the original file and sometimes fails...

> sense to use something like Webmin for administration of the server?

No, imho webmin is no option. The current GUI architectures is imho sane. 

What really needs to be refactored for Kolab 2 (yes we are working on it 
already on a contract bases!) is the code bases (The php code was done on an 
extreme deadline contraint). It needs to become oo and the Konsec donated css 
needs to be included.

Last but not least we have to get rid of http basic authentication which 
simply does not work as advertized with moderm browsers when trying to change 

-- martin

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