[Kolab-devel] Resource calendaring

Timotheus Pokorra Timotheus at Pokorra.de
Mon Feb 16 09:35:51 CET 2004


just wanted to say that I can now read the TNEF data from IMAP, with PHP.
I used code from ytnef and squirrelmail tnef plugin.
It is not clean yet, but working.
see http://www.pokorra.de/kolab/tnef, for links and an example output.

I hope, I can write a generator of static HTML calendars from this, so that 
e.g. calendars of resources can be readable to everyone, so that you don't 
need to add everyone to the access permission list.
Also I hope to add freebusy time generation, that would help that not every 
resource must be managed in a special profile in Outlook in order to 
produce freebusy times uploaded by Outlook, but could be managed in a 
shared calendar.

All the best,


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