[Kolab-devel] obmtool and automatic downloads/installs

Matt Douhan matt at fruitsalad.org
Fri Aug 27 21:07:21 CEST 2004


There has been some talks about automatically downloading kolab src and 
install them.

on my kolab mirror http://www.fruitsalad.org/kolab

I have modified the obmtool.conf to allow for this, it will download and 
install kolab automatically.

This is what needs doing in order to get the latest kolab snapshot installed.

1. Create a /kolab dir, on my FreeBSD Servers I create /usr/kolab and 
symlink /kolab -> /usr/kolab

2. Create a tmp dir to use for the duration of the install(I use 

3. Use fetch or wget to download obmtool and obmtool.conf from 
"http://www.fruitsalad.org/kolab/server/development/current/sources/" into 
the dir created in step 2

4. chmod obmtool appropriatly (I use chmod 755) but if you feel something else 
works better than by all means use what you feel comfortable with

5. cd to the dir created in step 2 and execute "./obmtool kolab" 

6. Get a drink and wait, on my servers it takes approx 30 minutes or so to 
compile and install.

7. Bootstrap the kolab server by executing "/kolab/etc/kolab/kolab_bootstrap 
-b" and follow the instructions.

8. Start the kolab server by executing "/kolab/bin/openpkg rc all start"

9. Login to the kolab web GUI, the URL is http://host.domain.foo/admin

10. Login as manager and use the password you entered in the bootstrap.

Note this is heavily biased for FreeBSD installs, and always on clean boxes, I 
created a simple sh script too that automatically downloads and installs 
kolab from scratch, but it uses fetch which is not vail on non BSD systems I 
think but it is not hard to write your own sh script to doanload the only two 
files needed which is obmtool and obmtool.conf



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