Thoughts on kolab community hub / forum vs. mailing list

Timotheus Pokorra pokorra.mailinglists at
Mon Nov 19 08:40:27 CET 2018

Hello Jan, and all,

> for quite a while now there exist this double structure of mailing 
> lists
> and forum for the kolab community. While I know forums feel much more
> modern than the old mailing lists ;-) and - well - they might have some
> advantages, personally I feel much more comfortable with mailing lists.
> Ok this is just personally taste.
I can cope with both. I have enabled notifications for the forum, so 
that I get an email update for each post.
I am happy with mailinglists, but I guess for the next generation of IT 
people, a forum is easier to use.

> For a while now there is more spam than serious posts on
> Additionally the layout seems to be broken -
> maybe because of some buggy css?
There was a user that got permissions to clear out the spam posts. I 
cannot remember the user's name.

The broken layout of the hub really annoys me. That should have been 
fixed a long time ago.
Ah, I posted a bug around last year,, and it 
seems the login functionality was fixed.
But the layout really puts off people from using the forum, and it does 
not look alive and inviting.


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