Thoughts on kolab community hub / forum vs. mailing list

Jan Kowalsky jankow at
Sun Nov 18 22:13:52 CET 2018

Hi all,

for quite a while now there exist this double structure of mailing lists
and forum for the kolab community. While I know forums feel much more
modern than the old mailing lists ;-) and - well - they might have some
advantages, personally I feel much more comfortable with mailing lists.
Ok this is just personally taste.

But the disadvantage for me in relation to the community: instead of
bundle all knowledge and community support in one place we now have two
places - and on both of them the number of posts decreased in the last

For a while now there is more spam than serious posts on Additionally the layout seems to be broken -
maybe because of some buggy css?

How do other think about this? Which is the platform you would rather
use? Does it make sense to support two platforms? Or is there a way to
bundle those both resources?

What does people from kolabsys think about?

Best regards

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