Roudncubemail addressbook empty (was: rebuild roundcube cache)

Henning henne.gwath at
Mon May 26 20:26:50 CEST 2014


I fought this problem today. It seems that there were some columns
missing in the kolab_cache_contact table (roundcubemail error logs).


You have to manually update the mysql layout and insert the columns
name, surname, firstname and email. You can use the statement posted by
Daniel Hoffend

ALTER TABLE kolab_cache_contact
  ADD (
    `name` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    `firstname` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    `surname` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    `email` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL);


Am 26.05.2014 08:32, schrieb Thomas Brüderli:
> Michael Stuber wrote:
>> > Hi all
>> > 
>> > Kolab 3.1 on centos
>> > 
>> > After a:
>> > mysql --password=pw roundcube -e "truncate table
>> > kolab_cache_contact;truncate table cache_index;truncate table
>> > cache_messages;"
>> > 
>> > no more contacts are showing up in roundcube's address books ( though
>> > mails are still in cyrus mailbox). How can I rebuild the roundcube cache?
> Hello Michael
> The data for determining whether the cache needs an update is stored in
> the folab_folders table. You should also remove the entries for contact
> folders from there or clear the ctag value of them:
>   UPDATE kolab_folders SET ctag=NULL where type='contact';
> Kind regards,
> Thomas

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