Add user mailbox fails for surnames with apostrophe

Philip Trickett (List) phil-ml at
Mon Mar 11 16:06:49 CET 2013

On 09/03/13 03:19, Anthony Farrell wrote:
> When adding a user who has a surname with apostrophe and two leading 
> capital letters (e.g O'Carroll) the user account is added but kolab 
> does not create the mailbox. When accessing the newly created account 
> the message ' Error: mailbox does not exist' is presented.
> pykolab log shows:
> pykolab.daemon ERROR Error in process 'Kolab( 
> <>)', terminating: SyntaxError('invalid syntax', 
> ('<string>', 1, 65, "retval = 
> '{0}.{1}@{2}'.format('Nigel'[0:1].capitalize(), 'O'Carroll', 
> ' <>')"))
> Is there an easy solution or should this be considered a bug?
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I would consider this a bug, but I have come across other systems that 
have this problem too.

At the moment, my workaround is to remove the apostrophe, e.g O'Carroll 
becomes OCaroll.


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