unknown events breaks calendar

Mihai Badici mihai at badici.ro
Sat Dec 22 22:13:48 CET 2012

After some tests with synkolab (nightly), I had in my Calendar some events in 
vcard format ( there is a bug in synkolab who convert records in this format)

When those events are presents, i have no events displayed in roundcube ( even 
those  formatted in kolab v3 ). After I removed the vcard's, all remaining 
events are correctly shown. So when a single record is wrong, all events are 
ignored . Roundcube is 0.9 with latest plugins from git, libkolabxml 0.9 ( the 
same with 0.8.1). I can create events but disappears at first refresh ( there 
are shown on my mobile or in kontact, but not in roundcube)

Mihai Badici
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