Kolab 3.0 on CentOS / Debian Wheezy

Stefan Fröhlich stefan-f at dodo.com
Mon Dec 3 10:53:25 CET 2012

On 3/12/2012 9:45 AM, Torsten Grote wrote:
> On Friday 30 November 2012 11:55:25 Stefan Fröhlich wrote:
>> So I decided to enter surname in
>> the given name field and the given name in the surname which provided
>> best results.
> It looks like you are still affected by bug #1381 [1] which should get
> resolved soon.
This is a bug related to the german localisation. I use english here. I 
think there is a misunderstanding. I want to enter my credentials, which 
are "Stefan Froehlich", but I'd like to get an UID with the value 
"stefan". If I enter Stefan as the surname and Froehlich as the given 
name, I'm getting the right results. As mentioned the 
auto_fields_admin_rw setting in kolab.conf doesn't work.

MfG Stefan Fröhlich
42 ;-)

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