Send/Recieve Mailproblem

Richard Bos ml at
Sat Apr 10 20:19:38 CEST 2010

Op zaterdag 10 april 2010 18:14:03 schreef Thomas Spuhler:
> > Do you have that log file (with your value):
> > # ls -l /var/log/kolab/filter.log
> > 
> > 
> $conf['log']['name']             = '/var/log/kolab/filter.log'
> This was in fact empty like $conf['log']['name']             = ''

$conf['log']['name']             = '@resmgr_log_name@';

> so is $conf['log']['type']             = '';

$conf['log']['type']             = '@resmgr_log_type@';

You 've to define them in the dist_conf/mandriva file.  I assume you have done 
that now, isn't it?

> and there is nothing in the log before and after adding the name  and
>  restarting kolab in fact, 

Did you sent email?

>  there is no log there Where is the <TLS server
>  engine: cannot load CA data> part configured? In fact this message doesn't
>  show in the working kolab2.1.0 logs BTW I have IRC  freenod #kolab with
>  Nick OroValley

I missed you, I was away for an hour or so.  I just joined the channel.


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