OpenLDAP and libnss conflict

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On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 4:01 PM, Neil Joseph Schelly
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> I'm working on an installation of Kolab on Debian Etch (Stable).  I'm using
> the OpenPKG method for installation to install the latest version of things
> under /kolab.
> The installation works fine so long as I don't enable LDAP system logins.  I
> use LDAP for system logins by way of PAM and NSS ldap modules.  The slapd
> process segfaults as soon as the first ldap function is called.  I suspect

Which slapd segfault ? The openpkg or the debian one ? Are you trying
to run both at the same time ?

> this is because the process has already loaded the system libldap_r symbols
> to begin the process, creating a confusion of symbols between the system
> libldap_r and the /kolab version of libldap_r.

the openpkg slapd should run smoothly using it own library.

When you make some ldap queries, the client should load the libraries
it want (probably the debian one)
and not disturb the openpkg sldapd process

I thing the problem is somewhere else than in a library problem.
Except if you have installed installed or upgraded some debian package
after kolab install ?

> Everything works fine when I disable LDAP in /etc/nsswitch.conf.
> Has anyone else accomplished using the OpenPKG installation method with
> NSS/LDAP?  Has anyone tried using external libraries for the OpenLDAP part of
> things, or even better, having the OpenPKG installation just use an external
> LDAP server?
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