Lost access to shared imap contacts folder

Johannes Graumann johannes_graumann at web.de
Thu Feb 21 12:16:35 CET 2008

<posted & mailed>

Johannes Graumann wrote:

> <posted & mailed>
> Gunnar Wrobel wrote:
>> Johannes Graumann <johannes_graumann at web.de> writes:
>>> Gunnar Wrobel wrote:
>>>> Johannes Graumann <johannes_graumann at web.de> writes:
>>>>> Gunnar Wrobel wrote:
>>>>>> Johannes Graumann <johannes_graumann at web.de> writes:
>>>>>>> I backuped my 2.1 installation and dabbled around with 2.2-rc1.
>>>>>>> I discarded the 2.2 idea, after realizing that the installation
>>>>>>> process had not configured properly all components.
>>>>>>> I deleted the /kolab directory and restored my original 2.1 install.
>>>>>>> Now I don't have access anymore to  a shared contacts folder I set
>>>>>>> up previously.
>>>>>>> According to the web management interface It's supposed to be there,
>>>>>>> it's owned by the right group, my user is in that group. cyradmin
>>>>>>> also shows it to be there ...
>>>>>>> kontact doesn't pull the contents any longer.
>>>>>>> Does anybody have any hints on what I might do about that?
>>>>>> Can you post the cyradm output on that folder?
>>>>> Sure:
>>>>>         localhost> lm
>>>>>         ...
>>>>>         shared.family contacts at morannon.homelinux.org (\HasNoChildren)
>>>>>         ...
>>>>>         localhost> lam shared.family\ contacts at morannon.homelinux.org
>>>>>         group:family at morannon.homelinux.org lrswipda
>>>> Is this output from a session as "manager" on that machine or as the
>>>> user that does not see the folder?
>>>> If your problem originates from a problem with the IMAP server, "lm"
>>>> shouldn't list the folder if you login as standard user via cyradm.
>>>> The other config pieces you posted look okay.
>>>> Btw.: I'm not ignoring you on IRC but you tend to post in the evening
>>>> :) and I'm usually only active there during work hours (CET).
>>> Here's what I get cyradminning as the user in question:
>>> # /kolab/bin/cyradm --user=johannes.graumann at morannon.homelinux.org
>>> localhost
>>> IMAP Password:
>>> localhost> lm
>>> ...
>>> shared.family contacts (\HasNoChildren)
>>> ...
>>> localhost> lam shared.family\ contacts
>>> group:family at morannon.homelinux.org lrswipda
>>> Nothing here either, no?
>> This tells you that the IMAP server would allow you to access the
>> folder and in principle the configuration is okay. So now I would
>> definitely try a different client. Are you using Horde? Does it
>> display the folder? Can you check Thunderbird?
> When using thunderbird (icedove) I can't look at the contacts, but the
> number of messages in the Inbox/Contacts folder fetched from the server is
> what I would expect from my combined Contact folders (my personal one
> which kontact sees to and the joined one this thread is about and which
> kontact is missing).
> Looks like this is a kontact/kmail issue then! Where should I go to
> complain about it?

In kmailrc I read:

[IMAP Resource]
Folder Language=0

Is it possible that the problem is realted to the "INBOX" bit? kmail might
only consider recources below the INBOX and the shared contacts folder this
thread is about resides above that ...? I tried to change that line
to ".1471011635.directory" as well as just "1471011635", but that didn't
fix things ...

Any hints what I might try?


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