Kolab on Debian Etch

Alex Chejlyk alex at swiftnetcomputers.biz
Tue Apr 8 16:47:21 CEST 2008

Hello Saim,

Kolab 2.2rc2 works on Etch. I currently have it installed on three 
systems (1 bare metal, 2 as VMware Server 1.04 clients) and all is well, 
including Horde.

Did you build using the binaries or did you build from source?
Was this a clean install of Etch? Is it a virtual machine or running on 
bare metal?

Are there any error in the kolab-build.log?


Alex C.

Saim Kim wrote:
> Hello,
> since I couldn't get Kolab 2.2 rc 2 with Horde not to work  on my Etch 
> system I tried to step down to Kolab 2.1 release version. Strange thing 
> is, that I have to reenter a password for every newly compiled package. 
> This takes a long time. I used the "# sh obmtool kolab 2>&1 | tee 
> kolab-build.log" command as described in the readme of the sources.
> Now, I'm quite unsure if I should rather spend my time to check if the 
> Kolab 2.1 release version works or better spend some time to get the 
> Kolab 2.2 rc with Horde to run on the Etch system? It would be really 
> great if the Etch users out there could help me out here :-)
> Greets,
> Saim

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