Freebusy genearation in kolab+horde+toltec

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Tue Oct 23 17:21:15 CEST 2007

"Ariel Wainer" <ariel at> writes:

> Hi everybody, i'm trying to put together a setup of Horde alpha + Kolab
> storage + toltec plugin for integration with outlook.
> To achieve the integration between kronolith and toltec, i did change the
> encoding kronolith uses to store on imap folder to base64 (it was
> quoted-printable). It worked, even with shared calendars.
> My problem now is to generate the free/busy info. I get an empty file.
> Looking arround, putting some prints in fb.php and lib/FreeBusy.php and
> got this error from PEAR: Share "user/pepe/Calendar" does not exist. (this
> is a calendar and it exist). I understand that with Kolab patches to
> Kolab, shares are no longer stored on mysql, so, where are they now?

Horde shares are mapped to IMAP folders and a mysql db is indeed not
needed anymore.

> Is this feature working? I found this email saying no, but it's old.

Free/Busy? Yes, that feature should be working. At least on a
Kolab-Server-2.2-beta2 system. You don't specify which versions and
patches you are using so I don't know if it will work in your setup.



> I will appreciate any hint on this.
> Regards.
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