Changing manager password dos't work

Daniel Vergien daniel.vergien at
Tue Mar 20 17:35:45 CET 2007

Hi List,

I got a problem changing the manager password for kolab. I use
/kolab/bin/kolabpasswd, enter the old password, enter to times the new
one, the output is "Password changed successfully, please be patient..."
and the program terminates without error messages, but the password is
not changed.
If tried it as the user root and as the user kolab, but both times the
same efect (none).
If I enter a wrong password in the kolabpasswd program it writes an
errormessage, so it seem to do some work.
Also restarting kolab after changeing the password did not help.

I'm using the 2.1-rc1 on Solaris 10.


Daniel Vergien

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