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Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Tue Sep 26 22:34:46 CEST 2006

Hi Nils,

On Tuesday 12 September 2006 17:34, Nils wrote:
> I just found an old and very unfinished entry in the kolab wiki about
> syncing mobile devices with kolab, is a community effort, we appreciate all help to improve it 
to everyones benefit.

> therefore I ask here: 
> Palm
> I was able to sync a palm with kpilot and the local calendar of kmail.
> So far I have not been able to sync the Palm with more then one
> resource. What I would like to accomplish is the following thing:
> Sync the private Entries on the Plam with the local cal file of
> kontact and add entries from a shard folder from kolab to the palm.

In modern KDE Kolab Clients (we recommend the proko2 branch),
syncing with mobile palm devices via KPilot should work reasonably well.
I do not recommend using a local resource, it is better to have a backup 
of your objects on the Kolab Server.

> Nokia Communicator 9300
> Bluetooth communication with my laptop worked out of the box, however
> I failed sync it with kolab. I get errors like this in my log on the
> phone:
> "Unable to find the specified object:
> Calendar ('C:\blah blah')"
> which does not work of course.
> Today many people have phones and pdas that have a built in calendar
> and support usb or bluetooth, so I think compatibility with mobile
> devices is quite important for kolab..

Yes it is.
For Outlook Kolab Clients, I saw reports for both connectors
that syncing with mobile devices works.
For KDE we build on the efforts of the KDE project.
We appreciate any help (non-technical, coding or financial) to enhance
Kolab funcationality.


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