Procmail usage?

Thomas Arendsen Hein thomas at
Wed Nov 22 17:40:54 CET 2006

* Alan Murrell <alan at> [20061121 18:38]:
> I notice that 'procmail' is one of the packages Kolab installs, but was 
> wondering how one would use it with Kolab?

We use the Debian procmail, because it has some patches regarding
permissions (I don't remember details off hand), maybe the Kolab
procmail can be used for this, too:

In /kolab/etc/kolab/templates/ add:

procmail  unix  -       n       n       -       -       pipe
    user=kolab-n flags=DR argv=/usr/bin/procmail -d ${user}
procmail-user  unix  -       n       n       -       -       pipe
    user=kolab-n flags=DR argv=/usr/bin/procmail -d ${nexthop}

In /kolab/etc/kolab/templates/transport.template add one line for
every address you want to pass through procmail, e.g.:

user1 at               procmail:
user2 at               procmail:
user3 at               procmail: at        procmail-user:user1

You need to make sure that email for the above addresses is already
accepted by Kolab, e.g. by having a Kolab user by this name or
adding the address as an alias to an existing user or by adding the
address to virtual. But you can change local_recipient_maps in
/kolab/etc/kolab/templates/ from
 local_recipient_maps = $virtual_maps
 local_recipient_maps = $virtual_maps, $transport_maps
so you don't need that.

For reinjecting the mail into Kolab without creating mail loops, you
need some tricks, e.g. a line in transport.template:

user1+something at          kolabmailboxfilter:

and forwarding the mail to user1+something at in the
procmail rules.


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