SyncKolab 0.4.27 is out

Andreas Gungl Andreas.Gungl at
Thu Nov 2 13:18:55 CET 2006


For those of you who want to play with calendar synchronizing, this release 
contains some important fixes:

    - incorrect handling of the organizer of Kolab-XML events
    - incorrect mail address of attendees of Kolab-XML events
    - wrong format of the alarm time in Kolab-XML export
    - bad format of multipart messages used to store Kolab-XML events
    - event duplication if an already read event has been deleted
      on the server
    - usage of calendar manager in Synckolab which made the calender
      view to disregard the assigned color for events

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Subject: [Synckolab] SyncKolab 0.4.27 is out
Date: Donnerstag, 2. November 2006 03:23
From: Niko Berger <niko.berger at>
To: synckolab at

Hi @all,
I just finished the 0.4.27 release of synckolab - you can use autoupdate
or get it from as usual.

- Added patches from Andres Gungl to improve lightning support.
- Added fixes for the saving of messages (end boundary) for contacts and
- Javascript console output changed

It seems (at least during my tests) that the weird bug that made
switching between folders after a sync almost impossible has been fixed
with this release, please report to me if you still encounter this problem.

I am currently making a list of what features synckolab is still missing
and I would like to know what you guys think.

here is the list of planned features (feel free to comment or add

    * auto-sync- will be added to sync on start whenever thunderbird
      starts up (or a short time afterwards)
    * configurable id-field in addressbook - maybe even an adress book
    * backup of all entries (autobackup on sync with restore)
    * Sync-with file-system folder option
    * better conflict resolution for tasks/calendar entries

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