setting up kolab in a home network

Alan Hartless harty83 at
Thu Jan 26 20:13:16 CET 2006

> Get a static IP address and a domain name. It's not expensive.
> has worked well for my for quite a few years. It includes DNS in the same
> low price.
> The go from here.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I would rather not spend money on something 
that I know that I can get to work for free.  The thing is that I had this 
all working (mail and everything) before.  But I decided to try out a couple 
other groupware servers, and like an idiot, I deleted the Kolab server.  I 
decided that kolab was the best and so came back to it.  But now I can't get 
it to work. With everything I seem to try, I get "Error while uploading 
folder" (see previous email).  Like I said earlier, the only time I can get 
it to work is if I have hartysdesktop or localhost as the server and mail 
domain, but then postfix doesn't work right so mail isn't being delivered.

On Wednesday January 25 2006 10:33 pm, you wrote:
> Hello,
> Thanks for writing me back.  I've set things up like you said (with both
> the server and mail domain as  I also went to the
> dyndns website and set up a mx record to point to
> and set kolab to accept mail.  Now, when I connect to my desktop (the
> server) from my laptop via kontact (the client) and try to sync I get this
> error (with the "" being my real account name of
> course):
> Error while uploading folder
> Could not make the folder Calendar on the server.
> This could be because you do not have permission to do this, or because the
> folder is already present on the server; the error message from the server
> communication is here:
> Could Not Create Folder
> An attempt to create the requested folder failed.
> Details of the request:
> URL: (unknown)
> Date and time: Wednesday January 25 2006 11:42 am
> Additional information:
> imaps://
> Possible causes:
> Your access permissions may be inadequate to perform the requested
> operation on this resource.
> The location where the folder was to be created may not exist.
> A protocol error or incompatibility may have occurred.
> Possible solutions:
> Retry the request.
> Check your access permissions on this resource.
> Any clue what's going on?
> Thanks again!
> Alan
> On Wednesday January 25 2006 2:45 am, Andrew J. Kopciuch wrote:
> > > Okay, so I have set up Kolab on my desktop.  I've tried entering many
> > > different things for the domain name and the mail domain.  The only
> > > time I can get the thing to work successfully are when I have both set
> > > to hartysdesktop or both set to localhost.  Any other combination (i've
> > > tried "," localhost.localdomain, hartysdesktop
> > > with as the mail domain, and others) and I get
> > > an error that says that the folder calendar can not be written when I
> > > try to sync my client (from my laptop) and that I probably don't have
> > > permissions to write. However, when I use hartysdesktop or localhost as
> > > the server, postfix will change the email addresses to
> > > "user at hartysdesktop.localhost" or
> >
> > Hi :
> >
> > The "domain name" is the FQDN of that server. is
> > what you would type in there.
> >
> > The mail domain is the domain part of the email addresses you want to
> > receive. If you had user at email addresses, then
> > you would type again.  If you wanted to receive
> > mail for
> > user at ... you would type
> >
> > If you want this to correctly work on the internet you also need to do a
> > couple of other things.
> >
> > 1.  You need the MX record in the DNS for the "mail domain" to point to
> > your server.
> >
> > 2.  You also need to turn on Internet Mail in the Kolab services section
> > of the admin interface.  There is a check box you have to turn on in
> > order for it to work.
> >
> >
> > HTH,
> >
> >
> > Andy
> -------------------------------------------------------

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