Outlook Connector Performance

Giovanni Baroni baroni at datacomm.ch
Sat Feb 11 08:29:54 CET 2006

We're thinking to move a client to a Kolabsolution...

Client needs are:
- 1 Kolab account on Server
- 3 Different Outlook 2003 Clients on different locations, sometimes 
simoultanious Connections to Kolabaccount (via VPN connected)
- sometimes connected trough slow connections (64kbit Modems)
- Outlook.pst approximately 300mb, (8000 Contacts and some Mails)

Now my questions:
- Is there a problem to connect to the same Mail account with different 
OutlookClients (simultan)
- Is this solution useable with slowconnections over VPN 
(synchronisation of toltec or konseq)
- Which Client (toltec or konseq) needs lesser traffic/Bandwidth

Maybe someone else had also the same questions and can give me some tips.

Giovanni Baroni


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