Proko2 is Good News Towards Kolab2

Martin Konold martin.konold at
Sun Apr 11 15:29:39 CEST 2004

Am Friday 09 April 2004 09:22 am schrieb Ivaylo Toshev:


> > There are a few advantages to using a database backend.
> > * When having big amounts of email (>20GB), it comes in handy to be able
> > to search for a messages very quickly (this is especially helpful for
> > IMAP) * it's easy to do load balancing, replication etc, because these
> > are built-in features of the database.

This is a myth! Doing a full text search on a database is a nightmare 
performance wise. Just consider 1000 users doing full text searches on a 20 
GB (does not fit in memory) relational database in parallel.

Doing the same with dIMAP and Kolab is not a big deal because you have 1000 
client machines with at least 1000 CPUs doing the work instead of a poor 
central database server....

> And many others, like clustering. migration . 

Clustering and migration support of relation databases tries to solve a 
problem which did not exist before the relational databases was introduced to 
the problem ;-)

e.g. the migration of an IMAP mailbox is trivial compared to migrating parts 
of a relational db.

Clustering is also _much_ simpler and also works across slow and unreliable 
links with IMAP while solutions like RAC simply fail in case the network 
between nodes is down without the extreme overhead of replication.

-- martin

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